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Thanks for stopping by!

We're just thrilled you stopped in to find out more about us!  From small town street festivals, to major fundraisers, and all sorts of venues in between,  Manatee Meat Company’s goal is to get your attention!   Whether you are a manatee lover,  or you would love a manatee steak for dinner, we want you to want to know more about us.  

Considering you’re here,

I’d say Mission Accomplished!

Manatee Meat Company is the Non-Politically Correct Marketing Agency for 7 Gifts of Kindness.  Together, we bring attention to helping Cancer Warriors, Caregivers and Children in need of advocacy.  We raise money to fund monthly gift box and gift bag donations to Florida Cancer Specialists & Research Institute, Share the Care, Inc., and Jessie's Place, Child advocacy center in Citrus County,

Proceeds from the sales of our items, along with 100% of your donations to Manatee Meat Company and 7 Gifts of Kindness, are used to purchase the gifts and wrapping supplies used to build the gift boxes and gift bags.  7 Gifts of Kindness delivers these gift boxes monthly to Florida Cancer Specialist & Research Institute, Share the Care, Inc. and Jessie's Place, and they choose the recipients.

We have met many of the warriors that received these boxes, after the fact, when they see us at a local show or event. This usually leads to a discussion of KINDNESS and NEED and HAPPY tears of THANKS.

That’s ALL we need to keep our dream moving forward. 

Thank you for support!

We could not do this without y'all!

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