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Manatee Meat Company, really?

We are stealth do-gooders! Manatee Meat Company is just our way of doing it in a funny, tongue-and-cheek, and attention getting manner. However, there is nothing funny about the smile brought to a Cancer Warrior or Caregivers face when they receive a gift box.

Seven Gifts of Kindness was started by David and Denise in 2011.  During her 19 ½ year battle with brain cancer, they donated gift boxes to family, friends, and others that needed encouragement through a tough time.

On September 29, 2015, Denise was called home. After she passed, David found himself in need of some help and went to an Alzheimer’s Caregivers support group. There he found some of the most dedicated caregivers who give tirelessly every day, all day. This group, Share the Care, Inc. in Orlando Florida, helped him, and he wanted to recognize their challenges and achievements.

In 2017, David and I “took SGOK off the shelf” and continued their mission to “Share Kindness….One Gift at a Time”. We partnered with Florida Cancer Specialists & Research Institute and Share the Care, Inc., and have been donating monthly gift boxes to them, for them to distribute, since February of 2017. 

In 2018, while trying to come up with a way to market SGOK,  after having one, or a few, too many drinks, I came up with Manatee Meat Company as a Non-Politically Correct Marketing Agency. We never dreamed it would be such a hit!

On June 6, 2022,  David's journey here came to an end.  I have no doubt he and Denise are together again.

  In their memory, I started 7 Gifts of Kindness to continue

to bring awareness to Cancer Warriors and Caregivers. I hope

you will join me in Spreading Kindness...One Gift at a Time.

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