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Tired of regularly breaking a cork when you're opening a bottle of wine?


Annoyed you have to use brute force to remove the cork?


Sick of your hand hurting because most of the corkscrews available have a narrow handle that cuts into your palm?


Tired of cork crumbling in your wine before you even pour your first glass?


Our corkscrew is the answer to your troubles!


Designed by a former Napa Valley winemaker, the patented Corkscrew by CapaBunga® is a revolutionary redesign of a 400 year old essential tool. After years of opening wine bottles and being wine industry veterans, we knew there had to be a better way.


The auger or worm is the biggest change. Our unique design, took 4 years to develop and is designed to displace 30% less cork! It glides into the cork grips it, hardly distorts the cork's shape and makes extraction effortless. 


The design also features a handle that is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hand, a significant improvement over traditional corkscrews which poke sharply into the palm. This design is especially beneficial when removing numerous corks in succession. 


Green Silicone Corkscrew

SKU: WIN30041
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